Fall 2020 Wednesdays

September 22nd – November 10th

Thoughtful Discussions for Men
Chandler Clifton


Understanding Grief

Robin Thomas



This is not a therapy group. Its focus is to help you know what to do and say, and not to do and say, when a friend, neighbor or family member is experiencing grief. We aren’t taught what to say or do when faced with someone who is grieving. This class will help you feel more comfortable interacting with grieving people. Topics include types of losses and their effect on grief, whether there really are “stages” in grieving and Chronic Sorrow. There will be lots of time for discussion and problem solving. Robin Thomas, nurse, educator, researcher, psychiatric nurse practitioner has worked with children and adults who have chronic conditions or potentially fatal conditions since 1970.

Life Stories Writing Group

Anne Mohundro

Group Facilitated



If you’ve ever thought of writing down some of your life experiences, but haven’t started (or finished), this class provides motivation. We listen to one another read aloud — whether continuing stories, short vignettes or poems — and give encouraging suggestions. There are no red pencils to intimidate! Volunteers facilitate class, and we alert one another about writing resources in the region, in books, and online. Hearing devices are available. New students are always welcome.
Class limit: 

Marianne LoGerfo





The Sunday New York Times Discussion Group
Steve Camp and Walle Ralkowski

1:00 – 2:30


NY TimesThis class will engage in discussion of current events, focusing primarily on the preceding week’s Sunday New York Times. We’ll include all sections of the paper — National and International Events, Arts and Leisure, Book Reviews, Sports, Business, Travel, and the New York Times Magazine. Bring the Sunday, January 7th edition to the first class, and we will share thoughts and stories of particular interest.

The Sunday New York Times is available at most Starbucks and grocery stores for $6 and can be ordered for home delivery.
Class limit: 15

Short Stories Here and Abroad
Ben Meyerhoff, Class Manager



The Art of the Story, edited by Daniel Halpern, is an anthology containing short stories by award-winning international and American authors born after 1937. According to the editor, they represent an “ancient genre that the human spirit finds voice in many tongues.” Some of the seventy-eight authors are Joyce Carol Oates, Junot Diaz, Raymond Carver, and Edwidge Dantica. This an unfacilitated class. Members of the class will select stories from the book and lead the discussion of those stories. Ben Meyerhoff will be the class manager to assist in story selection and communications among class members.

Class limit: 15

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