September 25-November 13, 2017

Conflict and Compromise: The Making of the US Constitution
Bill Taylor
Session 1
Room B2

This course will look at the 1787 Constitutional Convention and the process by which the framers constructed the Constitution, including the ideas and principles debated at the Convention and the compromises required to produce a document that would be ratified by the thirteen states.  Our text will be David O. Stewart, The Summer of 1787: The Men Who Invented the Constitution (2007 ed.).  It is available used from,, or by ordering from Third Place Books.

There will also be a 75-page Companion Volume that will cost $6 and will be available for purchase the first day of class.  The readings for the first class will be emailed as people sign up for the course.

Note:  There will be an optional ninth week of class for those who can make it.

Class limit: 40

 Conflict and Compromise: The Making of the US Constitution
 Bill Taylor
Session 2
Room B2

This class is a repeat of Session 1 above.
Class Limit: 40

Rosen Movement
Cameron Justam                 
Room B5

Rosen Movement was created by Marion Rosen, a physical therapist, to foster, support and maintain flexibility during the aging years. The goal is aided by music, which provides fun and the inspiration to move all the joints with ease. Come move with us — be more open to the day and to life! Cameron Justam is a certified Rosen Movement body practitioner.
Class Limit: 20

Travels with Epicurus- A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled  Life, by Daniel M. Klein
Dr. Michael Kelly
Youth Room

This class is based on the book by Daniel Klein, who journeys to the Greek island Hydra in a quest to discover what it means to “age well.” The author provides insight and reflections drawn from his Greek friends, as well as philosophers ranging from Epicurus to Sartre. Join Dr. Kelly as he facilitates discussions and shares his insights on how to appreciate old age and to remain optimistic throughout life’s transitions.

Please purchase Travels with Epicurus- A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life prior to class.

The New Yorker Discussion Group
Moderated by Stephanie Kaylin
Room B4

Here is an opportunity to share The New Yorker with other regular readers of the magazine. The group will consider articles, fiction, poetry and reviews, with each piece presented briefly by a participant before a general discussion. Please bring the two most recent issues to the first class so that we can choose what will be discussed the following week.
Class Limit: 15

Let’s Talk
To Be Determined
Youth Room

Find out about relevant cultural, political and educational topics from expert faculty members and community speakers. Look for specific information in upcoming Lifetime Learning Center emails.

The Magnificent Mendelssohns
Theodore Deacon and Barbara Miller
Fellowship Hall

Felix Mendelssohn is one of the few composers whose musical genius rivals that of the incomparable Mozart. His breakthrough Octet was composed when he was only 16 years of age, and the beloved Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream a year later. Music lovers continue to be enthralled with his “Scottish” and “Italian” symphonies, the virtuosic Violin Concerto, and the superb oratorio Elijah. But did you know that Felix was also a celebrated pianist, conductor, painter, educator, and devoted friend and mentor to the likes of Schumann and Brahms? Yet Felix was only one of the many talented Mendelssohns, including his sister Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, an accomplished composer in her own right. Join us in learning about a remarkable family at the center of German Romanticism — a course beginners and aficionados will enjoy!

Stacy Schulze

12:30 – 2:30

Room B4

All you need is a hook and some yarn, and you can learn skills to make clothes, household items, and decorations. For learning and practice, bring some yarn and at least one hook of the right size for the yarn. Also please bring any patterns or crochet books that interest you. Beginners and refreshers welcome.

Unwind through Mindfulness
Rosemary Leahy

Room B5

Mindfulness training helps people cope with the stress and anxiety of everyday living. Learn about the dynamics of stress and the negative influence of multi-tasking. Following an initial class on the element of stress, you will learn how to center yourself and gain a greater sense of well-being. Open to those students who did not take this class before. Must attend the 1st class. Four sessions, Sept. 25-Oct. 16.
Class limit: 20

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