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  July 6th


July 6-July 27

Black Films Matter: Understanding the African American Experience

Bill Taylor


Session 1


This course uses documentaries, Ted Talks, and other videos that can help white people get a sense of what it means to be black in white America today. Black and White

This will be a twelve-week course, beginning on Monday/Tuesday, July 6/7.  But classes will be held every other week. When  you sign up for the course, you’ll receive an email on July 5 with links to sites where you can view the videos for the entire course and specific dates when we will meet on-line. Every other week we will discuss the videos from the previous two weeks of viewing.  This pattern will continue throughout the twelve weeks of the course, until the end of September 28/29.

*Zoom Link to be provided by Bill Taylor. Class continues until September 28


Black Films Matter: Understanding the African American Experience

Bill Taylor


Session 2


Identical to Session 1.

*Zoom Link to be provided by Bill Taylor. Class continues until September 28   

Walt Disney’s FANTASIA- An 80th Anniversary Celebration

Theo Deacon




DisneyDancing hippos? Balletic mushrooms? Frolicking centaurs? Come rediscover one of the most innovative and influential animated features of the 20th Century! With the help of YouTube videos, we will examine the early cartoons and classical genres of art that inspired the Disney animators. There will also be an exploration of the delightful scores, the emerging audio and cinematic technology, and the colorful cast of human collaborators that made this masterpiece of musical imagery timeless and endlessly fascinating. It’s the kind of magic that only the sorcerer’s apprentice Mickey Mouse could conjure up.

Retired professor Theo Deacon has taught at LLC for over 10 years volunteering his time and talent.  A born entertainer, thoughtful and knowledgeable about the history of music, composers and theater, Theo will regale you with his storytelling abilities and audiovisual enhancements.Class limit:  50

5 Sessions


July 7 –  July 28

Creative Writing

Vel Gerth


 Interested in creative writing, and sharing your work?  Try this new online format with Vel Gerth as group leader. No resized writingcorrections of work, only praise. We learn by doing and creating and encouraging each other to write in our unique voices.

Class limit: 15

Black Films Matter: Understanding the African American Experience

Bill Taylor


Session 3


Identical to Session 1.

*Zoom Link to be provided by Bill Taylor. Class continues until September 28

Balance in Action



Are you ready to take your next step toward freedom and ease and away from pain? Do you want a sustainable practice to age well, remain active and retain your independent lifestyle? 

Feldenkrais provides support, relieves pain and builds hope through intelligent movement explorations. Please note students can participate in a chair, lying on a mat or lying in bed.

*Zoom link to be sent by LeeAnn

Sunday New York Times Discussion Group

Steve Camp and Walle Ralkowski


 NY TimesThe mission of this class is to go deeper than the 24/7 “breaking news” cycle for a greater understanding of what’s happening around the world.  Primarily using The Sunday New York Times as a “base” resource, but not exclusively, we engage in lively discussions of events and stories. Class members should bring the previous Sunday edition of The New York Times prior to the first day of class. Most grocery stores carry the Sunday Times, or you can order for home delivery or online.

Class limit:15

Human Evolution and Climate Change

Bob Jamieson


Evolution and Climate ChangeThis class is a lecture and discussion series about human evolutionary history and climate change. We will learn how our diet and evolution over the last 10,000 years are interrelated to political, social and psychological factors. Learn about “The Roots of our Ecological Crisis”and be prepared to share your insights and opinions.

Bob Jamieson has a PhD in physical anthropology and an MS in ecology. He is a frequent guest lecturer in Larry Gales’ classes on climate change. Bob recently retired from the University of Washington, where he conducted research in the area of canids, bats and primates. He spent 4 years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Brazil, including 2 years in the Amazon, and 30 months on Mauritius Island.

Class limit: 15


July 8 –  July 28


Thoughtful Discussions for Men

Chandler Clifton


Ten men and a facilitator will spend 75 minutes each week getting to know each other discussing topics in two areas each session.  Topics are generated by the members. There is no writing involved—just thinking, speaking and listening. This is not therapy. It is a chance to spend time with other men talking about themselves and their opinions and listening to others do the same.

Class limits: minimum 5 maximum 10

The New Yorker Discussion Group

Stephanie Kaylin


Here is an opportunity to share The New Yorker with other regular readers of the magazine. The group will consider articles, fiction, poetry and reviews, with each piece presented briefly by a participant before a general discussion. Please bring the two most recent issues to the first class so that we can choose what will be discussed the following week. New members welcome.

Class limit: 15, This is a  6 week class.

Power, Citizenship and Voting in the U.S. Republic

Chuck Roxin


VoteIt’s election season again! That means that even with a pandemic, all citizens have both the right and duty to vote! We will discuss the forces that are work in our system of elections;  powers that shape our expectations and actions; and outcomes inherent in the exercise of power.  Most importantly we will learn how we can vote with open eyes and balanced expectations. Reading materials will be available for download or be sent as email attachments.  Q&A questions are encouraged as much as technology allows.Class limit: 25


July 9 – July 30


How Disease Has Shaped History

Jerry Neufeld-Kaiser


In Constantinople in 540, Emperor Justinian’s grand plan Plagueto reconquer Europe and reunite the Roman Empire was halfway through, and succeeding.  Then bubonic plague struck.  Half of the formerly unstoppable Byzantine army died, and at home people died of the plague at a rate of 10,000 people a day.  Justinian gave up on his dream to put Rome back together, and no one ever tried again.In this class we’ll learn how disease has shaped history — a fascinating way to look at historical events — and at how disease is part of how societies work and how they change.  This class won’t just be a catalog of nightmares from history.  Instead we’ll try to understand how society changed: did patriarchy ease; how did the relationship between the people and the rulers change; what art came out of it; how was the role of the Church affected?Jerry Neufeld-Kaiser teaches history and geography at Garfield high school, and this is his 5th summer teaching at LLC.  He’s a nationally board certified educator and his classes have been featured in newspapers and studied by researchers.  He’s delighted to be back this year by Zoom!

*Note:  This is a 6 week class. July 9-August 13                                                          

The Portrait of a Lady

Bruce Bigley


The Portrait of a Lady is one of Henry James’ most accessible books, one of his studies of the interaction between American innocence and European sophistication, through the depiction of Isabel Archer, perhaps his most charming heroine. We will read and discuss the book in seven increments. Students will need to acquire a copy of the book from the library or from bookstores. There should be many used copies available.* Note: This is an 8 week class.  July 9 – August 27.Class maximum: 20

Women and Poetry Daily Living

Margot Dick


A peaceful oasis for sharing poetry from international writers and our own hand and heart if we are so inclined. A safe place for women to express and let their voices be heard with love of language, insight and humor.Class Limit: 15

Become a Better Bridge Player — Tips and Tricks

Marcia Nelson


Join Marcia Nelson for some lectures and discussion on how to improve your bridge game. Join her on Zoom with a cup of coffee and share tricks of the trade. Recommended texts but not required (all by Audrey Grant):

  • Bridge Basics 1, An Introduction 
  • Bridge at a Glance, Expanded Version 
  • Bridge Basics 2, Competitive Bidding 
  • Bridge Basics 3, Popular Conventions 


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June 19, 2020

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