Let’s Talk

“Let’s Talk” events features lunchtime speakers from our community on subjects of interest to you. No registration necessary — just drop in and learn about the topic of the day. Open to the public

The Magic of Resale

 Collen Burggraff

Environmental Activist- Esthetician


January 21, 2019


 Youth Room

environment and clothes
Did you know that where you buy your clothes can save or end lives?

Fashion is one of life’s most potent forms of self expression. Everyone wants to look and feel good when they dress each morning. But do you really know where your wardrobe comes from? Or the effort it took to get a single garment into your closet?

Colleen Burggraff will  talk about the fast fashion industry vs. the clothing resale industry and how each could determine the fate of humanity, for better or worse.

Looking Down In Europe-A Personal View of Manhole Covers

John Chaney



January 28, 2019


Come enjoy “Looking Down in Europe” an illustrated and highly personal tour of the iron street covers or “Manholes” recently noticed here and there in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. The purpose is utilitarian and ubiquitous for these coverings but the designs are quite different. Come see a few of these covers that await the observant traveler. John is an urban planner by training and worked in historic preservation much of his career, retiring after 15 years as the Executive Director of Historic Seattle.

“Travel Without A Passport”

Learn About Cuisine and Culture Through Eating

Nancy Leson


February 11, 2019


Youth Room


nancy leson

KNKX food commentator and former Seattle Times restaurant critic and columnist Nancy Leson can make a dozen bagels, from scratch, in an hour. Give her another hour and she’ll show you how to whip up a big batch of Chinese jiao-zi — dumpling wrappers included. She adores raw oysters, insists a great restaurant meal is worth a high tariff and buys her kitchenware at Goodwill. J