May 4-June 22, 2020

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Racism and White Privilege-Part 2
Bill Taylor
Session 1

Black and WhiteThis is the second in a two-course sequence that will conclude our two year study of “White Privilege and its Consequences for Being Black in White America.”  It’s not too late to join this course.  We will study two topics simultaneously: ongoing racism and white privilege.  I have put together a course packet that includes readings on both topics for each week.  Please make arrangements with the instructor to obtain your packets which costs $18.
Class Limit  45

Racism and White Privilege-Part 2
Bill Taylor
Session 2

Identical to Session 1 (above)
Class Limit 45

Ernest Gaines: A Lesson Before Dying 
Michael Shurgot

Gaines’s novel is set in a small town in Louisiana in 1948. A Young black man, Jefferson, is falsely accused of having killed a man in a robbery, and he is labeled a “hog” in the rigged trial by the prosecutor. Grant Wiggins, an ex-pat who returns to the community to teach, struggles with his attempt to convince Jefferson of his manhood before his execution, and also forges an unexpected relationship with Paul, a deputy sheriff. Gaines brings to this novel the same rich sense of place and deep understanding of the human psyche that marks all of his fiction. A Lesson Before Dying won the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction in 1993.

Text: Ernest J. Gaines, A Lesson Before Dying,  New York: Vintage Books, 1994. ISBN: 0-679-74166-6

Class Limit: 25 

Plein Air Watercolor Basics,
Cecile Disenhouse

Mondays and Thursdays
Sites to Be Determined.

Cecile's watercolorIf social distance recommendations have been lifted, Cecile will contact you and organize outdoor sites so that you can meet and paint at  local landmarks and parks.

No experience necessary. Beginning instruction includes description of supplies, composition, use of color, washes, wet into wet, and ink with watercolor. Artists of any level are welcome to participate in the class. The instructor demonstrates mainly landscapes, cityscapes and the odd animal. Students can visit to see instructor’s work. This course is the same content for both sessions.

6 Sessions, To be Determined if social distancing recommendations are no longer in force.


May 5-June 23, 2020

Racism and White Privilege-Part 2
Bill Taylor
Session 2

Session 3 is identical to Session 1 (see Monday)
Class Limit: 40

The Sunday New York Times Discussion Group
Steve Camp and Walle Ralkowski
Session 2

NY TimesThe mission of this class is to go deeper than the 24/7 “breaking news” cycle for a greater understanding of what’s happening around the world.  Primarily using The Sunday New York Times as a “base” resource, but not exclusively, we engage in lively discussions of events and stories.

Class members should bring the previous  Sunday edition of The New York Times prior to  the first  day of class. Most grocery stores carry the Sunday Times, or you can order for home delivery or online.
Class Limit: 15

Watercolors An Innovative Approach,
Steve Pasos


When Carlos Santana was asked how he came up with his unique playing style, he quoted an author who said, : “If you copy one artist, they call that stealing. However, if you copy many artists, they call that research.” In this class we will keep an open mind while we explore different approaches to watercolor which may include using a cut up old credit card as a paint brush, using a fine spray mist to create a negative painting, spontaneous painting realistic abstracts, design, Notan, and composition.

See instructor’s blog to learn more

Prior experience with watercolors highly recommended. Bring all your own watercolor supplies to class and be ready to paint.

Note: Steve Pasos is providing this class with the approval of LLC but is using his own video platform.  You will be notified via email of the day and time of class.

Class Limit: Minimum 6, Maximum 15


May 6-June 24, 2020

Thoughtful Discussions for Men
Chandler Clifton

Ten men and a facilitator will spend 75 minutes each week getting to know each other discussing topics in two areas each session.  Topics are  generated by the members. There is no writing involved—just thinking, speaking and listening. This is not therapy. It is a chance to spend time with other men talking about themselves and their opinions and listening to others do the same.

Class minimum 5, Maximum 10

 The New Yorker Discussion Group
Stephanie Kaylin

Here is an opportunity to share The New Yorker with other regular readers of the magazine. The group will consider articles, fiction, poetry and reviews, with each piece presented briefly by a participant before a general discussion. Please bring the two most recent issues to the first class so that we can choose what will be discussed the following week. New members welcome.

Class Limit: 15

The Artist’s Sketchbook
Steve Pasos

image(3)Sketchbooks can be used to aid in the design of a painting or for intrinsic pleasure. The informality of the sketch permits experimentation and adventures discouraged by the awe of painting. The act of sketching involves artist and subject in a super sensory relationship that heightens her awareness of the world around her.

Here are some of the topics that may be presented: Warm up practices, thumbnail sketches, drawing 10 minutes every day, continuous line drawing, symbols and geometric shapes,  timed sketches (for example 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes), urban sketching, gesture drawing and blind contour, to name a few.

See instructor’s blog at

Note: Steve Pasos is providing this class with the approval of LLC but is using his own video platform.  You will be notified via email of the day and time of class.

Class Limit: Minimum 6, Maximum 1


May 7-June 25, 2020

Become a Better Bridge Player
Marcia Nelson

Join Marcia Nelson for some lectures and discussion on how to improve your bridge game. Join her on Zoom with a cup of coffee and share Tricks of the Trade.

Recommended texts but not required:

  • Bridge Basics 1, An Introduction, Audrey Grant
  • Bridge at a Glance, Expanded Version, Audrey Grant
  • Bridge Basics 2, Competitive Bidding, Audrey Grant
  • Bridge Basics 3, Popular Conventions, Audrey Grant

Before you register, please make sure you have reviewed all class offerings, as it is difficult to make changes once you submit the form.

Monday April 20, 9:00 AM


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