January 6-February 24, 2020

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Racism and White Privilege
Bill Taylor

Session 2
Room B2

This is the first in a two-course sequence that will conclude our two year study of “White Privilege and its Consequences for Being Black in White America.” In the winter and spring quarters we will study two topics simultaneously: ongoing racism and white privilege. I have put together a course packet that includes readings on both topics for each week. I will email the readings for the first week as you register. The course packet, with the readings for both quarters, will be available for purchase beginning the first week of class. It should cost between $20 and $25.
Class Limit: 45

Racism and White Privilege
Bill Taylor

Session 2
Room B2

Identical to Session 1 (above)Black and White
Class Limit 45

Writing to Discover
Bev Osband
Room 1-J

“Writing to Discover “ sometimes takes us places we think we know, only to discover things we didn’t know. It is writing that comes out of reflecting on experiences, inner and outer, and about relating with others, ourselves and the universe. Some of us write prose: memoir, fiction or non-fiction; some write poetry.Sometimes we write and don’t know why. The result is as unique as your fingerprint.In class we will free write from prompts – and in the process, we will discover things that
we didn’t know we knew.
Note: Class begins January 20 for six weeks.
Class Limit 15

Rosen Movement
Cameron Justin

Room B5

Rosen Movement was created by Marion Rosen, a physical therapist, to foster, support, and maintain flexibility during the aging years. This goal is aided by music, which provides fun and inspiration to move all the joints with ease. Come move with us—be more open to the day and to life! Cameron is a Certified Rosen Method body practitioner.
Class Limit: 15

 Stacy Schulze

Room B4

All you need is a hook and some yarn, and you can learn skills to make clothes, household items and decorations. For learning and practice, bring some yarn and at least one hook of the right size for the yarn. Also, please bring any patterns or crochet books that interest you. Beginners and refreshers welcome.
Class Limit: 15  

Short Stories of William Faulkner
Michael Shurgot

Room B2

This class is offered as an introduction to the artistic brilliance of William Faulkner’s short fiction. People who have enrolled in any of Bill Taylor’s classes in Black History may find Faulkner’s portraits of the South in several of his stories especially relevant and informative.

Many of the stories we will cover in class are set in Faulkner’s fictional Yoknapatawpha County, based on Lafayette County, Mississippi where Faulkner spent most of his life. We will read “Dry September,” “Barn Burning,” “A Rose for Emily,” and “That Evening Sun.”

Faulkner won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1955 and 1963, TheNational Book Award in 1951 and 1955, and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1949.

 Selected Short Stories of William Faulkner, is available from Third Place Books; the ISBN is: 978-0679424784.
Class Limit: 20
Copying fee: $6.00

The Mirror of America:A History of the
American Musical, Part 3
Theodore Deacon & Barbara Miller

Fellowship Hall

In this series we will examine the extraordinary stylistic and thematic changes in musical theatre that began in the 60’s.  Come explore the ethnic charms & sorrows of Fiddler, the raucous rock of Bye Bye Birdie Hair, the dark corners of Cabaret & Chicago, the operatic extravagance of Phantom Les Miz, and the lasting innovations of Fosse & Sondheim.

Copying Fee: $6.00

The Films of Spike Lee
Wilson Edward Reed

Room B5

The purpose of this five week course is to shine a bright light on  Spike Lee, an unsung hero in Hollywood Cinema. Spike Lee is not afraid to tackle controversial topics such as racism, violence, and politics. He is a writer, director and actor and has produced more than 35 films since 1985.  Films to be discussed are as followsDo The Right Thing, Malcom X, He Got Game, Get on the Bus, Little Girls.

Dr. Wilson Edward Reed is  a retired professor with Seattle University  and an expert in African American History. He will lead discussions and asks that you come with an “open mind”.  Note: This is 5 week course  begins  January  6.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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