Mondays, April 1-May 20

White Rage and Its Consequences
for Being Black in White America: Reconstruction
Bill Taylor    STARTS ON MARCH 25
9:15-10:30 am
Room B-2

This is a continuation of the course on Reconstruction. As a result of the snow days in winter this class begins on March 25 . It’s not too late to join us!  We’ve only read three of twelve chapters so far due to the snow days during Winter Quarter The book is, Reconstruction: A Short History, by Eric Foner.  (Be sure to get the book with that title; Foner has another, hardcover book on Reconstruction.)  There is also a Companion Volume that I will provide.

Notes:  1) We will start with Ch. 4 in the first class.  2) This will be a nine-week course in order for us to read the remaining nine chapters of the book.

Future courses in the series are “Jim Crow in the 19th and 20th Centuries” (Fall, 2019), and “Racism and White Privilege.
Class Limit: 40

White Rage and Its Consequences
for Being Black in White America: Reconstruction

Bill Taylor            STARTS ON MARCH 25
10:45-12 noon
Room B-2

This is a repeat of the 9:15-10:30 class above.
Class Limit: 40

Writing to Discover
Bev Osband
Room 1-J

“Writing to discover” takes us places – sometimes places we think we know, only to discover things we didn’t know were waiting for us. It is writing that comes out of reflecting on experiences, both inner and outer, and about relating with others, ourselves and the universe. Some of us write prose: memoir, fiction or non-fiction; some write poetry. Sometimes we write and don’t know why…we just do it. The result is as unique as your fingerprint. The poet Seamus Heaney says writing is about “the music of what happened.”

In class we will free write and also write from prompts – and in the process, we will discover things that we didn’t know we knew.
Class limit: 15

Rosen Movement
Cameron Justam
Room B-5

Rosen Movement was created by Marion Rosen, a physical therapist, to foster, support, and maintain flexibility during the aging years. This goal is aided by music, which provides fun and inspiration to move all the joints with ease. Come move with us—be more open to the day and to life! Cameron is a Certified Rosen Method body practitioner
Class Limit: 20

Stacy Schulze
Room B-4

All you need is a hook and some yarn, and you can learn skills to make clothes, household items and decorations. For learning and practice, bring some yarn and at least one hook of the right size for the yarn. Also, please bring any patterns or crochet books that interest you. Beginners and refreshers welcome.
Class Limit: 20

The Broadway Musical: Mirror of America
Theo Deacon and Barb Miller
Fellowship Hall

The Broadway Musical reflects dynamic changes in our country’s cultural and political climate. This series will explore how America presented itself through this revealing lens of popular song and dance. You will encounter George M. Cohan – the “Man Who Owned Broadway,” the daring inventiveness of Jerome Kern, the tragedy and triumphs of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter’s delightful naughtiness, the genre-breaking genius of George and Ira Gershwin, and hear how Richard Rodgers melded his melodies with both Hart and Hammerstein. (You might even catch a glimpse or two of Fred & Ginger along the way!) A class for music-lovers “wherever you are.”
Copying Fee: $5.00

Intermediate Ukulele
Steve Pasos
Room B5

Would you like to take your ukulele playing to the next level? If you already know how to play a number of songs in several uke-friendly keys utilizing a few strumming patterns, this class is for you.

Add to your repertoire as you are exposed to various finger picking styles, scales, arpeggios, musical notation, tablature, and basic chord ukuleleprogressions. In order to facilitate varying skill levels and learning styles, we will be taking advantage of YouTube video tutorials, in addition to practicing what we learned in class.

Please bring your ukulele, tuner and music stand to class.
Minimum: 6, Maximum: 15
Copying Fee: $5.00

Smartphone Photography
Tom Dempsey
Room B5

The latest smartphones make photography easier than ever. Bring your fully-charged phone to class, and learn how to better pre-visualize, expose, focus, compose, make panoramas, edit color tones, and share images.

Good cameras include iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and later models. The best new models add a good “telephoto” camera for 2x optical zoom, which also improves macro/close focus. Consider upgrading your phones made within the past 2 years.
8 sessions: twice weekly  in April on Mondays and Wednesdays, April 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24
Minimum: 6, Maximum :12



8:00 A.M

Be sure to read all class offerings before registering!