January 8 – February 26, 2018

Key Supreme Court Decisions
Bill Taylor
Session 1
Room B2

This course will look at landmark Supreme Court decisions in the following areas: Federalism, the rights of the accused, racial discrimination and affirmative action, free speech, religious freedom, and miscellaneous cases.  Each week we’ll look at many different cases that show the development of Supreme Court thinking over time.

I have put together a course packet that will be approximately 170 pages long and will cost perhaps $16.   It will be available for purchase in the first class.

The readings for the first class will be emailed as people sign up for the course.

Class limit: 40

Key Supreme Court Decisions
Bill Taylor
Session 2
Room B2

This class is a repeat of Session 1 above.
Class limit: 40

The New Yorker Discussion Group
Moderated by Stephanie Kaylin
Room B4

Here is an opportunity to share The New Yorker with other regular readers of the magazine. The group will consider articles, fiction, poetry and reviews, with each piece presented briefly by a participant before a general discussion. Please bring the two most recent issues to the first class so that we can choose what will be discussed the following week.
Class limit: 15

Rosen Movement
Cameron Justam                 
Room B5

Rosen Movement was created by Marion Rosen, a physical therapist, to foster, support and maintain flexibility during the aging years. The goal is aided by music, which provides fun and the inspiration to move all the joints with ease. Come move with us — be more open to the day and to life! Cameron Justam is a certified Rosen Movement body practitioner.
Class limit: 20

Enlightened Aging by Eric B, Larsen, MD and Joan DeClaire
Dr. Michael Kelly

10:45 – 12:00

Youth Room

Eric Larson and Joan DeClaire provide practical advice on how to stave off disability until late old age.  This advice provides scientific evidence on proactive strategies including acceptance of growing older, building mental reserves, maintaining good physical health, and maintaining social connections. In his unique and effective way, Dr. Michael Kelly will facilitate discussions and share his insights while encouraging audience participation.

Let’s Talk
To Be Determined

12:15 – 1:00
Youth Room

Find out about relevant cultural, political and educational topics from expert faculty members and community speakers. Look for specific information in upcoming Lifetime Learning Center emails. These talks are open to the  public.

Stacy Schulze

12:30 – 2:30
Room B4

All you need is a hook and some yarn, and you can learn skills to make clothes, household items, and decorations. For learning and practice, bring some yarn and at least one hook of the right size for the yarn. Also please bring any patterns or crochet books that interest you. Beginners and refreshers welcome.

Introduction to Astronomy
Gilbert Comeau

Room B4

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with celestial bodies in the sky. This beginning astronomy class includes the study of planets such as stars, galaxies, asteroids, black holes, quasars and neutron stars.  Join retired high school instructor Gil Comeau for an interesting series dealing with earth and the motions of the heavens, the moon, planets and the solar system, outer solar systems, distances to the stars, and Hubble law. No class on February 8.

Unwinding #2
Rosemary Leahy

Room B5

Designed for learners who completed “Unwind Through Mindfulness,” this class will focus on strengthening mindful attention in living. Through exercises and practice, participants can increase skills, ease, and capacity in approaching everyday stressors. Must attend 1st classJanuary 8, 15, 22, 29
Class limit: 12

The Food of Love: Shakespeare in Music
Theodore Deacon and Barbara Miller

Fellowship Hall

This series will explore the creative paths composers followed in their interpretations of the plays of William Shakespeare.  Classes will include symphonic, balletic, and operatic versions of many of the popular plays, such as Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, Merry Wives of Windsor, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You will enjoy a study of Sir William Walton’s magnificent scores for Olivier’s classic films of Hamlet, Richard III, and Henry V. We will also cover five centuries of the Bard’s wonderful lyric genius. A special focus will be on Berlioz’s version of Much Ado about Nothing, which will be an excellent introduction to Seattle Opera’s production of Béatrice e Bénédict next February! These will be classes both literature and music lovers will enjoy. Play on!

Smart Phone Photography
Tom Dempsey
January 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31

Room 1-J

The latest smartphones make photography easier than ever, right out of the box. Bring your fully-charged phone to class, and we’ll learn how to better previsualize, expose, focus, compose, make panoramas, edit color tones, and share to impress your friends. Please consider upgrading, as phones made within the past 2 years have brighter screens visible in sunlight, and capture better shadow detail while preserving highlights with HDR Auto. Good cameras include iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S6, Google Pixel, and later models. See the instructor’s nature travel photography and tips at  This class will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays for four weeks (see dates above).
Class limit: minimum 3, maximum


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