Seattle International Film Festival – 2019


For recommendations regarding the Seattle International Film Festival, Bruce Bigley and John Chaney have provided the following recommendations: Remember that the entire searchable film guide is on line here: SIFF Film Festival


The 45th Seattle International Film Festival, will be held Thursday, May 16 through Sunday, June 9, 2019. If you are not already a SIFF member, you can join as a senior for $35 a year and get $3 off your festival tickets, $5 off at Year-round Cinema showings and get 5 free bags of popcorn. It is a real deal!

The cinemas around Puget Sound hosting SIFF 2019 films include locations in downtown Seattle, Shoreline, Capitol Hill, Bellevue, Kirkland, Columbia City, Ballard, and Queen Anne.

“With a focus on engaging with communities outside the downtown core, we’ve partnered with the best venues in the area,” said SIFF Artistic Director Beth Barrett. “We want to bring the world’s stories to you, where you live and work.”

If subtitles are an issue for you, SIFF has a single list of all the films here, along with some other useful information, including the full published Film Guide and Programmer.

SIFF 2019 screenings will be held at the following locations during the dates below:

I can recommend some excellent prospects for viewing. I wholeheartedly continue to recommend Sink or Swim (France/Belgium) This is a funny buddy bonding and unlikely bunch of different guys become a team that makes good story, with some great character development. (subtitles)

Wild Rose (UK) is a follow your dream film with some hard drinking and Country (not Country Western) music that is well done, but requires careful listening to follow the thick Glasgow and Nashville accents.

Honeyland (Macedonia) This documentary is beautiful and full of emotion. Seeing films that showing other places and cultures is what I look for at SIFF. This one has it all, top of my list so far.

Yomeddine (Egypt) is the journey of an unlikely hero on a quest. The hero is living in a leper colony and he teams with an orphan to find both of their families. The acting is excellent and the story made me cry as it unfolded. Full of heartbreak it is a universal human story. (subtitles)

Art of Self Defense (USA) If you have ever wanted the poor timid guy to transform into a Karate master, this may be your movie but it is much more. Filled with ironic deadpan humor it turns darker and darker as the story unfolds.

I predict these LGBTQ+ films will be big hits:

  • An Almost Ordinary Summer (Italy),
  • The Death of Dick Long (USA),
  • El Angel (Argentina/Spain),
  • The Long Haul: The Story of the Buckaroos (USA, Seattle story),
  • Sauvage/Wild (France, a hit at the Berlin Film Festival),
  • Temblores (Guatemala/France/Luxemburg),
  • This Is Not Berlin (Mexico), and
  • X&Y (Sweden/Denmark).
  • Jim Allison:Breakthrough (USA)– a wonderful documentary about an amazing scientist.
  • Non-Fiction (France)– a machine gun of words on the changing book publishing industry and adultery, it shockingly really does work.
  • Fall of the American Empire (Canada)– a heist film where the noble win and the wicked lose.

Fashion Fridays at Pacific Place at 4pm shows: Jean-Paul Gaultier: Freak and Chic (France), Celebration (France, the last show of Yves Saint Laurent) and Halston (USA), they show at other times and locations. If RuePaul is more your style check out Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts (USA) or Carmen & Lola (Spain).

There will be a gay shorts program Close Encounters of the Gay Kind (showing only once on 5/26 at 6pm).

See you at the movies!

John Chaney, Film Aficionado and past SIFF President

More recommendations, in case you missed this!