May 7-June 24, 2020

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The Short Fiction of Franz Kafka
Bruce Bigley

Room B4

Kafka was famous  for his unsettling short stories which are humble and easy to read , yet are strange  and provocative in their meaning. Join us for discussions about the significance that his work reveals.

Text:  The Complete Stories , by Shocken ISBN 978-0805210552
Class  Limit: 15

Thomas Mann: Joseph and His Brothers
Bruce Bigley

Taught On-Line Information to Follow


We will finish reading ,  Joseph in Egypt, perhaps the most compelling part of the work.  This may be supplemented by selections from Mann’s essays.   Prospective new students should contact Bruce Bigley at for information on preferred texts and catching up.

Creative Writing
Vel Gerth

Room 1J

resized writing

No corrections of work, only praise for a word or line. We learn by doing and creating, and encourage each other to write in our unique voices. Men and women welcome!

Class Limit: 15

Watercolor Basics, Session 1
Cecile Disenhouse

Room B4

Same as Session 1 as described on Monday.  Kindly sign up for one Watercolor Basics class only so that new students can experience Cecile’s classes

Class Limit: 26

Short Stories Here an Abroad
Group Facilitated

Room B2

This anthology contains stories by award-winning international and American authors born after 1937. According to the editor, they represent an “ancient genre that the human spirit finds voice in many tongues.” Some of the seventy-eight authors are Joyce Carol Oates, Junot Diaz, Raymond Carver, and Edwidge Dantica.

Text: The Art of The Short Story, short stories, Editor; Daniel Halpern

The first story Wilderness Tips by Margaret Atwood , will be led by Susan Fort.  The next story is Nathan Englander,  The Twenty-seventh Man,  led by Bonnie Mizock.   Students are encouraged to read both stories prior to class.

Class Minimum: 15
Copy fee: $6.00

Somewhere North of Hadrian’s Wall:
Films Set in Scotland
Jim Mohundro

Room B5

 There is no winter like July in Scotland,” as Rabbie Burns stated.  The Scottish are a tough people, dealing with the English and the  weather, for hundreds of years armed only with sheep, haggis, a full Scottish breakfast, and a wee dram from time to time. Here are a few films, some grandly sad, some sadly grand and some to warm the chilliest of hearts and minds.

  • The Body Snatcher (1945), 78 minutes
  • I Know Where I’m Going (1945), 91 minutes
  • Tunes of Glory (1960), 106 minutes
  • Whisky Galore! (1949), 80 minutes
  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969), 116 minutes
  • Gregory’s Girl (1980), 91 minutes
  • Local Hero (1983), 111 minutes and,
  • Brigadoon (1954), 108 minutes
Watercolor Basics, Session 2
Cecile Disenhouse

Room B4

Same as Session 1 and 2 please see description on Monday.  Kindly sign up for one Watercolor Basics class only so that new students can experience Cecile’s classes.

Class Limit: 26

Women and Poetry for Daily Living
Margot Dick

Room 1J

A peaceful oasis for sharing poetry from international writers and our own hand and heart if we are so inclined. A safe place for women to express and let their voices be heard with love of language, insight and humor. Come join use each week and replenish your soul with a journey through the artistry of words.blur-books-close-up-159866

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