January 7-February 25, 2020

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Racism and White Privilege
Bill Taylor

Session 3
Room B2

Session 3 is identical to Session 1 (see Monday)
Class Limit: 40

Life Stories Writing Group
Group Facilitated

Room 1J

Would you appreciate a chance to share stories, poems or even a novella you’ve written based on your life experiences and receive encouragement to write more? Would you also enjoy getting to know people by hearing their life stories?

Our main objective is to share writing with other LLC students; there is no instructor. Instead, we use a facilitator to lead each session and we provide a group of avid listeners. If you’d like specific feedback on your writing, just ask the group. New participants are always welcome!

Balance in Action
LeeAnn Starovasnik

Room B5

Are you ready to take your next step toward freedom and ease, and away from pain? Do you want a sustainable practice to age well, remain active, and retain your independent lifestyle? Feldenkrais provides support, relieves pain, and builds hope through intelligent movement explorations. You will engage your brain along with your body in new and novel ways that help you take steps toward your goal. Wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a thick blanket or mat.
Class Limit: 20

Climate Change The Most  Important Issue of Our Time
Larry Gales

Room B4

Climate change is very real, serious, urgent, and is entirely man-made. It is primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuel and agricultural and industrial processes. To address these potentially dangerous changes, we must act quickly! There is not time to delay!

But there is plenty of reason to hope: new technologies and approaches which are being created cannot only address problems but can bring about major increases in our quality of living. Join us to see how we can prepare a better future.

The course will also feature a lecture by Dr. Robert Jamison, who has a PhD in anthropology, on the human issues that are at the root of many of our present environmental problems.

India: Under the Mughals
Marianne LoGerfo

Youth Room

Here’s a paradox: in spite of the violent anti-Muslim movements in India today, it was under Mongol-Turkic rule that Indian culture reached perhaps its greatest heights.  Think of the Taj Mahal, that “teardrop on the cheek of India”, or the many tales of the immortal hero Rama and their gorgeous illustrations, or the sensous and sharp-witted songs of the Hindu, Sikh and Muslim poets.  Filled with visionaries, marauders, romantics and wastrels, the true story of Mughal India is history at its colorful best.

Course books will be available the first day of lass.  Mughal India Film Festival is included with no additional class fee.

Mughal India Film Festival
Marianne LoGerfo

Youth Room

We’ll start with charming episodes of the early life of the beloved god Krishna.  Then the sumptuous erotic poetry of the Love Song of the Dark Lord will be interpreted in classical dance and painted images.  Next up will be selections from the epic Ramayana television series that enthralled the nation and then sparked riots that destroyed a mosque and thousands of lives.   Further afield, Rama’s story will unfold in Indonesian sculpture and Javanese shadow play, as well as in the delightful animated version, Sita Sings the Blues.  Finally, Satyajit Ray’s film The Chess Players will draw our period to a bitter-sweet close.
The films are offered with no additional class fee to the Mughal India class members.

Quilt Making Basics
Group Facilitated

Room B5

Quilters can share in the skill of creating beautiful quilts. Class members select their own projects. This is a support group sharing quilting ideas and views of life.
The mission of this class is to go deeper than the 24/7 “breaking news” cycle for a greater understanding of what’s happening around the world through lively discussion of events and stories, primarily using The Sunday New York Times as a “base” resource, but not exclusively.

Current Events: The Sunday New York Times
Steve Camp and Walle Ralkowski

Room 1J

The mission of this class is to go deeper than the 24/7 “breaking news” cycle for a greater understanding of what’s happening around the world.  Primarily using The Sunday New York Times as a “base” resource, but not exclusively, we engage in lively discussions of events and stories.

Class members should bring the Sunday, January 5 edition of The New York Times to the first class. Most grocery stores carry the Sunday Times, or you can order for home delivery or online.

Class Limit: 15

Will The Real Vivaldi Please Stand Up!
Chuck Roxin

Room B2

We all know that Vivaldi wrote the Four Seasons. But did this same man write an opera about Aztecs fighting conquistadors, or Amazons fighting Hercules for gender equality?  Was this man a priest, and a music teacher in a girl’s school?  Yes, he was all these things. Come learn  more about him, his music, the cultural milieu of Baroque Venice and  why Bach studied Vivaldi’s music in detail.

Watercolor: An Innovative Approach
Steve Pasos

Room B4

Take your watercolor skills to the next level and learn a variety of watercolor techniques, sometimes in their historical and academic context, and other times from more of a Zen mind, beginner’s mind.

We will be discussing design, Notan, negative painting and composition. We may explore various techniques as taught by Edgar Whitney, Skip Lawrence, Rex Brandt, Frank Webb, Tony Van Hasselt and Robert E. Wood as well as more contemporary artists like Ng Woon Lam, Uffe Boesen, Fabio Cembranelli, and Angelo Gorlini.

There will be lectures, demos and optional homework. See instructor’s blog at https://stevoswatercolorblog.blogspot.com

Prior experience with watercolors is highly recommended.

Class Limit: Minimum 6, Maximum 16
Copying Fee: $6:00.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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