Tuesdays, April 2 – May 21

White Rage and Its Consequences for Being Black in White America: Reconstruction
Bill Taylor         STARTS MARCH 26
Room B-2

This is a continuation of the course on Reconstruction. As a result of the snow days in winter this class begins on March 26 . It’s not too late to join us!  We’ve only read three of twelve chapters so far due to the snow days during Winter Quarter. The book is  Reconstruction: A Short History, by Eric Foner.  (Be sure to get the book with that title; Foner has another, hardcover book on Reconstruction.)  There is also a Companion Volume that I will provide.

Notes:  1) We will start with Ch. 4 in the first class.  2) This will be a nine-week course in order for us to read the remaining nine chapters of the book.

Future courses in the series are “Jim Crow in the 19th and 20th Centuries” (Fall, 2019), and “Racism and White Privilege.
Class Limit: 40

Balance in Action – Feldenkrais
LeeAnn Starovasnik
Room B-5

Are you ready to take your next step toward freedom and ease, and away from pain? Do you want a sustainable practice to age well, remain active, and retain your independent lifestyle? Feldenkrais provides support, relieves pain, and builds hope through intelligent movement explorations. You will engage your brain along with your body in new and novel ways that help you take steps toward your goal. Wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a thick blanket or mat.
Class Limit: 20

Willam Trevor: Outside Ireland: Selected Stories
Michael Shurgot
Room B-2

This course continues our study of two other Trevor books, Ireland: Selected Stories, and After Rain. Alida Becker, writing in The New York Times Book Review, has said of Trevor: “He investigates—wryly, often bleakly and yet with great compassion—the endless complexities inherent in the simple condition of being human.” We will read 7-9 stories from this collection, and discover why English novelist John Banville said Trevor is “the finest living writer of short stories.”

Note: Please read “Access to The Children,” the first story in the book, for opening day of the class. No Class April 22 or May 6.
Text: Outside Ireland: Selected Stories, London: Penguin Books, 1995.  Copying Fee: $5.00

The Major Challenge of Our Time: Climate Change, Energy, and the Environment
Larry Gales
Room B2

Many people now feel that climate change is the most serious problem we face. Last October, the United Nations Panel on Climate Change released its report.  We have less than a dozen years to make very large and far reaching changes in transportation, industry, agriculture, and many other aspects of our lives in order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C above the pre-industrial average. If we exceed that 1.5 C limit we will soon be outside a temperature range that has allowed civilization to prosper.

In this course we will present evidence and the extent of the environmental problems we face, but will outline available solutions  that  government and industry can implement and  steps we can personally take to  mitigate the impact of climate change. Guest speaker, Dr. Robert Jamieson, Ph.D. Anthropology, will address the roots of our ecological crisis in terms of human development over time.
Copy fee: $5.00

History of Iran: 1722 to 2019
Marianne LoGerfo
Youth Room

Iran’s modern history is marked by an astonishing number of upheavals, including its revolutions of 1906 and 1979 and its destabilizing encounters with the West.  It is in this period that the state religion of Shiism takes its current form as a faith and an institution of enormous political power.  Exploring history, art and culture right up to the present, we’ll meet the Iranians who make world news and those struggling to make a life.

A History of Iran by Michael Axworthy is optional but recommended.

Iranian Film Fest
Marianne LoGerfo
Youth Room

Here’s our chance to see Iranian life as Iranians themselves experience it.  And lucky us, it will be through the eyes of some of the greatest film directors in the world.  The series will mix comedy, tragedy, art film and every day life in works that are topical, entertaining and profoundly moving.  We’ll begin with a brief talk about the context of the film and end by sharing our own reactions.

Life Stories Writing Group
Group Facilitated
Room 1-J

Would you appreciate a chance to share stories, poems or even a novella you’ve written based on your life experiences and receive encouragement to write more? Would you also enjoy getting to know people by hearing their life stories?Our main objective is to share writing with other LLC students; there is no instructor. Instead, we use a facilitator to lead each session and we provide a group of avid listeners. If you’d like specific feedback on your writing, just ask the group. New participants are always welcome!

Quilt Making Basics
Group Facilitated
Room B5

Quilters can share in the creative skill of crafting beautiful quilts. Class members select their own projects. This is a support group sharing quilting ideas and views of life.

Watercolor: An Innovative Approach
Steve Pasos
Room B4

Take your watercolor skills to the next level and learn experimental techniques of well-known watercolor artists. Explore color theory, composition and elements of design in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while discovering your own personal style. We will be exploring such topics as: “Push Pull “ as described by Rex Brandt and Frank Webb, “the idea that music could be translated into something for the eye” as quoted by Georgia O’Keefe, “Multiple Viewpoints” as described by Michael Crespo, the “Ten Minute Painting” as practiced by Uffe Boesen and Fabio Cembranelli, and “checkerboard animation” a California Watercolor value patterns schemes as discussed by Edgar Whitney.

Students will create one painting per class. Prior experience with watercolors is recommended.
Class Limit: Minimum 6, Maximum 12
Copying Fee: $5:00

Current Events: The Sunday New York Times
Steve Camp and Walle Ralkowski
Room 1-J

The mission of this class is to go deeper than the 24-7 “breaking news” cycle for a greater understanding of what’s happening around the world through lively discussion of events and stories, primarily using The Sunday New York Times as a “base” resource, but not exclusively.

Participants are encouraged to explore ALL sections of The Sunday New York Times to NY Timesinclude National and International news, Business, Travel, Book Review, Sports, Sunday Review, and Magazine. This quarter we will also address current local stories and issues with The Seattle Times as a primary source. Class members should bring the Sunday, January 6 edition of The New York Times to the first class. Note that The New York Times is available for $6 at Starbucks and most grocery stores, or by home delivery or online.
Class Limit: 15

Understanding Grief
Robin Thomas
Room B-2

Designed to increase understanding of the grief process and help people know what to say and do, this class will help you feel more comfortable talking to people who are grieving. Stages of grief, different types of loss such as anticipated or traumatic grief and avoidable vs. uncontrollable loss, are discussed.  Rarely are we taught what to say or do in a situation when a friend, neighbor or work mate suffers a serious loss. Robin Thomas, PhD, ARNP, has worked  since 1970with people who are dying . She specialized in caring for children and adults with chronic or fatal conditions, and those injured by accidents and mistakes . She has worked as a nurse, educator, researcher, and nurse practitioner.
Class Limit: 20


 MARCH 8, 2019

8:00 A.M

Please be sure to read entire class offerings before registering for classes.