January 9-Feburary 27, 2018

Key Supreme Court Decisions
Bill Taylor

Room B2
Session 3

This class is a repeat of Session 1 on Monday
Class limit: 40

Ireland: Selected Stories by William Trevor

Michael Shurgot

Room B4

William Trevor is rightly regarded, along with Frank O’Connor, as one of the Twentieth Century’s true inheritors of the Irish genius in the short story. His book Ireland: Selected Stories, is his own selection of his representative stories from several of his previous books. We will cover 8 stories in winter term, and several more in the spring term. Trevor’s book may be ordered from Ravenna Third Place Books.

Please order a copy prior to class.

Writing a Life
Bev Osband

Room B2

What does it mean to write a life? Writing a life means writing from the experience of what happens day-in and day-out, what has happened over the decades of our lives and our feelings about what we imagine is yet to be lived. It is writing from what goes on in the space we create in a relationship. It’s writing that comes out of reflecting on experience, both inner and outer, and it is about relating to others, ourselves and the universe. The poet Seamus Heaney says it beautifully: Writing “is about writing the music of what happened.” In class we will free write and also write from prompts – and in the process, we will discover things that we didn’t know we knew.

7 sessions; no class on January 16.

Class limit: 15

Balance in Action
LeeAnn Starovasnik

Room B5

Are you ready to take your next step toward freedom and ease, and away from pain? Do you want a sustainable practice to age well, remain active, and retain your independent lifestyle? Feldenkrais provides support, relieves pain, and builds hope through intelligent movement explorations. You will engage your brain along with your body in new and novel ways that help you take steps toward your goal. Wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a thick blanket or mat.

Moorish Spain—711-1492
Marianne LoGerfo

Youth Room

Why not linger this winter in the gardens of Spain, where the great Muslim and Jewish philosophers speak of Aristotle while the warrior-poets sing of love and battle.  We’ll savor the stunning palaces and holy places, meet the Christian hero El Cid, and test the religious tolerance of caliphs and kings.

 Life Stories
Group Facilitated

Room B4

If you’ve ever thought of writing down some of your life experiences, but haven’t started (or finished), this class provides motivation. We listen to one another read aloud — whether continuing stories, short vignettes or poems — and give encouraging suggestions. There are no red pencils to intimidate! Volunteers facilitate class, and we alert one another about writing resources in the region, in books, and online. Hearing devices are available. New students are always welcome.
Class limit: 25

Quilt Making Basics
Group Facilitated

Room B2

Quilters can share in the creative skill of crafting beautiful quilts. Class members select their own projects. This is a support group sharing quilting ideas and views of life.

Current Events and The Sunday New York Times
Steve Camp and Walle Ralkowski

Room B4

NY TimesThis class will engage in discussion of current events, focusing primarily on the preceding week’s Sunday New York Times. We’ll include all sections of the paper — National and International Events, Arts and Leisure, Book Reviews, Sports, Business, Travel, and the New York Times Magazine. Bring the Sunday, January 7th edition to the first class, and we will share thoughts and stories of particular interest.

The Sunday New York Times is available at most Starbucks and grocery stores for $6 and can be ordered for home delivery.
Class limit: 15

Beginners: Learn to Play the Ukulele
Allyson McCombs

Room B5

UkuleleThe ukulele is a four-stringed musical instrument which is easy to learn and fun to play in a group.  You will learn how to play a few familiar and fun songs as well as some fundamental practicing strategies to make you more proficient with chord changes. If you have a ukulele in the basement, bring it along or purchase an inexpensive ukulele on Amazon. com. This class encompasses soprano ukulele tunings and chords. The first 4 weeks are the same as previous beginner ukulele classes.

Class limit: 15

Blues, Ragtime and Early Jazz
Chuck Roxin

Youth Room

This class will survey the musical styles and forms of blues, ragtime and early jazz. Students will learn the primary chords and song structures, and develop a technical as well as aesthetic appreciation for these classic American musical genres.

In addition, we’ll discuss the social and political impacts of this music, which grew in spite of attempts by Jim Crow legislation and regressive social policy to prevent the advancement of African Americans. Blues, jazz and ragtime proved to be a powerful force musically and socially. It could not be contained or suppressed.  And it has had a major impact on music worldwide for over 150 years.

Come hear music worth enjoying. Brighten up the winter with a good strong back beat!

Buddhist Insight Meditation
Joseph Pearl

Room 1-J

What is the nature of spiritual development? Psychological development? How are they related? How can they be facilitated by Buddhist meditation? This class will examine these questions through the lenses of the Eastern psychology/philosophy of Buddhism and the Western psychologies/philosophies of psychoanalysis, existentialism and constructivism.  In the background of everything we talk about will be the fundamental question: “What is the ultimate purpose of life?

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