May 6- – June 24 , 2020

Classes are $35.00 each. A one time Registration Fee of $15.00 per quarter is required, in addition to any copying fees noted. To register for classes scroll all the way down.

Beginning Bridge
Marcia Nelson and Gil Comeau

Room B5

This class is for individuals who may or may not have played bridge before but would like to learn. We will start by learning point count, basic bidding, and some basic bridge conventions. Recommended texts but not required:
Bridge Basics 1, An Introduction, Audrey Grant
Bridge at a Glance, Expanded Version, Audrey Grant

Intermediate Bridge
Marcia Nelson and Gil Comeau

Room B5

This class is for bridge players who have some bridge knowledge.  Individuals play with other bridge partners and are able to ask the instructor questions and receive guidance.

Recommended texts but not required:

  • Bridge Basics 1, An Introduction, Audrey Grant
  • Bridge at a Glance, Expanded Version, Audrey Grant
  • Bridge Basics 2, Competitive Bidding, Audrey Grant
  • Bridge Basics 3, Popular Conventions, Audrey Grant

Marcia Nelson – Jan 8, 15, 22, 29 and Feb 26
Gil Comeau– Feb 5, 12 and 19

Class Limit: 36

Thoughtful Discussions for Men
Chandler Clifton

Room B5

Ten men and a facilitator will spend 75 minutes each week getting to know each other discussing topics in two areas each session.  Topics are  generated by the members. There is no writing involved—just thinking, speaking and listening. This is not therapy. It is a chance to spend time with other men talking about themselves and their opinions and listening to others do the same.

Class minimum 5, Maximum 10

New Yorker Discussion Group
Stephanie Kaylin

Room B4

Here is an opportunity to share The New Yorker with other regular readers of the magazine. The group will consider articles, fiction, poetry and reviews, with each piece presented briefly by a participant before a general discussion. Please bring the two most recent issues to the first class so that we can choose what will be discussed the following week. New members welcome.

Class Limit: 15

Seattle Shakespeare’s MacBeth
Bobbie Simone

11:00- 12:30
Room B2

Join us for a reading and discussion of this play, which Seattle Center Theatre will be performing from April 21 to May 27 th .

Folger library paperback is recommended.

Classic Italian Cinema
Bobbie Simone

Youth Room

  • The Bicycle Thief;
  • Umberto D;
  • Generale della Rovere;
  • Two Women; Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow;
  • The Garden of the Finzil-Contini;
  • A Brief Vacation; and
  • Everything’s Fine.

 Featuring the legendary Vittorio De Sica, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, and Roberto Rosselini. Wow! What a treat!

Optional discussion follows each film. Each film include closed captioning as an aid for the hearing impaired.

Drawing: The Artist’s Sketchbook
Sever Pasos

Room B4

DrawingSketchbooks can be used to aid in the design of a painting or for intrinsic pleasure. The informality of the sketch permits experimentation and adventures discouraged by the awe of painting. The act of sketching involves artist and subject in a super sensory relationship that heightens her awareness of the world around her.

Here are some of the topics that may be presented: Warm up practices, thumbnail sketches, drawing 10 minutes every day, continuous line drawing, symbols and geometric shapes,  timed sketches (for example 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes), urban sketching, gesture drawing and blind contour, to name a few.

See instructor’s blog at

Bring pens, pencils, and sketchbook to first class and be ready to draw.

Copying Fee: $6.00
Class Limit: 15

Ukulele Song Circle PLUS
Steve Powell

Room 1-J

Add new chords, strums, and fun techniques to your ukulele and singing repertoire while we enjoy old favorites and try out new songs. We will strum, pluck, harmonize, play melodies, and explore  genres: folk, rock, tin pan alley, classical and renaissance. You should know at least a half dozen chords and be able to keep tempo with a group…while singing.

Copying Fee: 6:00

Complementary Methods of Self-Care  and Healing
Roma Anjoy

Room B4

Modern life is stressful.  The less energy you expend on stress, the more you have for your personal growth, self-care, and healing. Participants in this class will learn natural self-help methods for managing stress, anxiety, pain, allergies, sleep issues, and healing. The class will be interactive, learning and practicing new techniques each week. Roma Anjoy, a clinical psychologist with an eclectic background in managing stress, anxiety and pain; relationships; highly sensitive people, Donna Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.  She has also done research on sleep, migraine headaches, and humor.

Class Limit: 15

Copying Fee: $6.00

Natural  Travel Photography
Tom Dempsey

Room B5

8 Sessions, Mondays and Wednesdays, April 27, 29, May 4,6, 11, 13, 20.

See Monday for class description.

Class Limit 12

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Before you register, please make sure you have reviewed all class offerings, as it is difficult to make changes once you submit the form.   For problems  or changes please email us.



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