Wednesdays, April 3-May 21

Beginning Bridge
Marcia Nelson
Room B5

This class is for individuals who may or may not have played bridge before but would like to learn. We will start by learning point count, basic bidding, and some basic bridge conventions. Students learn the game by playing. We play bridge for fun – and downplay the competitive aspects. You will make new friends, improve your memory and have a wonderful time!
Class Limit: 16

Recommended texts but not required:
Bridge Basics 1, An Introduction, Audrey Grant
Bridge at a Glance, Expanded Version, Audrey Grant
Class Limit: 16

The New Yorker
Stephanie Kaylin
Room B4

Here is an opportunity to share The New Yorker with other regular readers of the magazine. The group will consider articles, fiction, poetry and reviews, with each piece presented briefly by a participant before a general discussion. Please bring the two most recent issues to the first class so that we can choose what will be discussed the following week.
Class Limit: 15

Intermediate Bridge
Marcia Nelson
Room B5

This class is for bridge players who have some bridge knowledge. Individuals play with other bridge partners and are able to ask the instructor questions and receive guidance. Class Limit: 32
Recommended texts but not required:
Bridge Basics 1, An Introduction, Audrey Grant
Bridge at a Glance, Expanded Version, Audrey Grant
Bridge Basics 2, Competitive Bidding, Audrey Grant
Bridge Basics 3, Popular Conventions, Audrey Grant

Thoughtful Discussions for Men
Chandler Clifton
Room 1-J

Ten men and a facilitator will spend 75 minutes each week getting to know each other discussing topics in two areas each session. Topics are generated by the members. There is no writing involved—just thinking, speaking and listening. This is not therapy. It is a chance to spend time with other men talking about themselves and their opinions and listening to others do the same.
Minimum: 5
Class Limit: 10

The Odyssey- Part 2
Bobbie Simone
Room B2

The Odyssey of Homer. A story about  violence and the aftermath of war; about wealth,  poverty,  and power;  about marriage and family; about travelers,  hospitality, and the yearning  for home.  Readings and  discussion.

Text: Emily Wilson, The Odyssey, Norton 2017.
Recommended text: Edith Hamilton,  Mythology

Ethical Dilemmas- Films
Bobbie Simone
Room B5
  • Vera Drake, 2004 (England). Is abortion a woman’s right or a crime?
  •  Pierrepoint: the Last Hangman, 2005 (England). Is capital punishment justifiable?
  •  The Wave, 2008 (Germany). Experimenting with fascism in a high school classroom.
  •  You Don’t Know Jack, 2010 (U.S.A). Is doctor assisted suicide a crime? Is euthanasia a right?
  •  In a Better World, 2010 (Denmark). Is non-violence effective against bullying and evil?
  •  Hannah Arendt, 2012 (Germany). Should you tell the truth as you see it if it will make others, and especially your friends, very angry? Re: the Adolph Eichmann trial.
  •  No! 2012 (Chile). Using advertising techniques to sway an election (re: Pinochet).
  • Eye in the Sky, 2015 (U.S.A.). Does conscience still figure in modern warfare?

 Subtitles with the films and optional discussion following

Smartphone Photography
Tom Dempsey
Room B4

The latest smartphones make photography easier than ever. Bring your fully-charged phone to class, and learn how to better pre-visualize, expose, focus, compose, make panoramas, edit color tones, and share images.

Good cameras include iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and later models. The best new models add a good “telephoto” camera for 2x optical zoom, which also improves macro/close focus. Consider upgrading your phones made within the past 2 years.
8 sessions: twice weekly  in April on Mondays and Wednesdays, April 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24
Minimum: 6, Maximum :12


 MARCH 8, 2019

8:00 A.M

Please be sure to read entire class offerings before registering for classes.