September 26 – November 14, 2017

Conflict and Compromise: The Making of the U.S. Constitution
Bill Taylor

Room B2

This class is a repeat of Session 1
Class limit: 40

The Last Place on Earth — The Importance of the Arctic and Antarctic Regions

Mary Lynne Evans 

Room B4

The polar regions are wondrous, exciting, dangerous and mysterious places that deserve our attention. In an interactive class setting, learn about the geopolitical issues; geology, ice and morphology and the impact of climate change; specialized plants and animals; biographies of the important explorers; myths, stories and histories of the indigenous people; and contemporary art and music by some of our own Northwest musicians and artists. In eight sessions, various experts and scholars will whet your own exploring instincts and interests. Maps, handouts, slides and films will be used.

Balance in Action
LeeAnn Starovasnik

Room B5

Are you ready to take your next step toward freedom and ease, and away from pain? Do you want a sustainable practice to age well, remain active, and retain your independent lifestyle? Feldenkrais provides support, relieves pain, and builds hope through intelligent movement explorations. You will engage your brain along with your body in new and novel ways that help you take steps toward your goal. Wear warm, comfortable clothing and bring a thick blanket or mat.

Vienna 1900
Marianne LoGerfo

Youth Room

Ah, Vienna– capital of whipped cream and waltzes, old world charm and world-changing ideas.  While Freud dreamed his new psychology, Herzl his Jewish homeland, and Klimt his women in gold, the old Emperor Franz Josef grappled with liberal politicians, impassioned nationalists, and rabid anti-Semites for the soul of his Austro-Hungarian empire.  And then the Archduke was shot. Six hundred years of Habsburg rule went up in flames, taking half the world with it — and leaving us with so much to see and hear and talk about!

Be sure to also take “The Music and Culture of 1900 Vienna,”

at 1:00, right after this class

Write Your Life Story
Group Facilitated

Room B4

If you’ve ever thought of writing down some of your life experiences, but haven’t started (or finished), this class provides motivation. We listen to one another read aloud — whether continuing stories, short vignettes or poems — and give encouraging suggestions. There are no red pencils to intimidate! Volunteers facilitate class, and we alert one another about writing resources in the region, in books, and online. Hearing devices are available. New students are always welcome.
Class Limit:25

Quilt Making Basics
Group Facilitated

Room B2

Quilters can share in the creative skill of crafting beautiful quilts. Class members select their own projects. This is a support group sharing quilting ideas and views of life.

The Music and Culture of 1900 Vienna
Chuck Roxin

Youth Room

Join me for eight weeks at the Café Griensteidl and Café Centrale in Vienna from the 1890s to 1920s. Mingle with Gustave Mahler, Sigmund Freud, Stefan Zweig, the Young Vienna circle of writers, Secessionist painters and Liberal political figures who helped shape and enrich a culture with global impact.

Listen to the music from the joyful operettas of Johan Strauss and Franz Lehar to the serious works of Richard Strauss and others. Debate the poetry and stage dramas as they did. Take the journey from Romanticism to the intense world of Expressionism. Meet the Viennese film maker G.W. Pabst and his American film star Louise Brooks.

Intermediate Ukulele

Room B5

If you can play “You are My Sunshine” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” on the ukulele, this class is for you! Learn new songs, stretch your brain, and have fun. Tuesdays, for 4 weeks, Sept. 26-Oct. 17.

Beginning Ukulele

Room B5

Rich in Hawaiian tradition and history, the ukulele is a four-stringed musical instrument which is easy to learn. You will learn how to play a few familiar and fun songs. If you have a ukulele in the basement, bring it along or purchase an inexpensive variety on Amazon. Tuesdays, for 4 weeks, October 24-November 14.

Current Events and The Sunday New York Times  
Steve Camp and Walle Ralkowski

Room B4

This class will engage in discussion of current events, focusing primarily on the preceding week’s Sunday New York Times. We’ll include all sections of the paper — National and International Events, Arts and Leisure, Book Reviews, Sports, Business, Travel, and the New York Times Magazine. Bring the Sunday, September 24, edition to the first class. The Sunday New York Times is available at most Starbucks and grocery stores for $6 and can be ordered for home delivery.
Class Limit: 15 

 Digital Photography on the Go
Thomas Dempsey
Room 1-J

Photography’s rule number one is to evoke emotion. This class will reveal basic skills needed for your camera to better capture what your eyes see. Bring your fully-charged compact digital camera (anything bigger than a smartphone) to class, and we’ll explore how to visualize, expose, focus, compose and edit to create evocative images. Preview the instructor’s nature travel photography and tips at PhotoSeek.com
This class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays on Oct. 31, Nov, 2, 7, 9, 14, 16.
Class Limit: 12


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